unrestrained senses, and wavelength perception. i perceive on a different wavelength. existing in isolation, i explore my hallucinated realities. there is no tranquility in this solitude, and it is neither spiritual nor enlightening.

the intangible haunts me through broken sensory--beyond sight, myelin crowds and the invisible manifests as pain. there is a beautiful world graced with warmth and numbness, and our realities often cross. and as they blur my world retreats, seeking reprieve from verity.

reposed in reclusion, pursuit of escape is never-ending. the manifestations of fantasy cannot materialize. in realities where they cannot exist, life lacks plausibility. but truth lies beyond verisimilitude, and the impossible festers out of sight.

the song of the universe reverberates regardless--inertia is only an ideal. in perpetual motion it hums and sings with ears tuned to the salient beat. my heart beats with them--and in that moment, harmony exists. there's a whisper--then cacophony erupts, an inferno engendered in its wake.

the wrath is passionless. the rage is exhausting. retreating back to isolation, the truth of my world confronts me: that freedom is reached only through deprivation; that heaven exists in oblivion. fantasy and truth continue to blur. my extraneous reality is hallucinated, and only through death it will cease.

i will live in deprivation

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