HELLO! i am josephine, but you can call me jojo or jo. as my disillusionment with most social media grows, i've been longing for my own little website as an escape. more and more, modern internet just makes me sad. it's a strange sense of isolation. despite being surrounded with people, it's just lonely and empty...

i think having my own page where i can write whatever would make me happy. there's no direct interaction, just observation. the idea that people might be interested in what i make and write is a very happy idea! so i hope you'll be interested in whatever i choose to put on this website. also i'll probably write a much better intro at some point, cuz this kinda suuuuuucks. =/

on this website, you'll find diary entries, my art, whatever projects i'm working on, and anything else that comes to my mind. basically, i want it to become the digital manifestation of my silly thoughts!! my diary entries are mainly going to be about mental health, my dreams, my memories, video games, and clowns probably. i hope you enjoy =)

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